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Making a career move is not always the solution. Sometimes you need to do the internal work of empowering yourself to get that promotion, salary increase or start that business you’ve dreamed of.

The Motto Individual Assessment™

The Motto Individual Assessment™ is a mindset measurement tool. It determines a person’s current attitude and skills in creating a purpose driven life.

Research shows that perception drives behaviour, which in turn can be productive or dysfunctional.
This self-assessment is ideal as a first step when embarking upon a personal transformation journey and contributes to meaningful life change experiences.

A Motto certified coach will unpack the results of the assessment with you and suggest starting points in charting your personal transformation journey.

The Motto Gender Perception women’s survey

The Motto Gender Perception women’s survey is a validated perception measurement tool based on the Internal Marketing Model and subsequently the Motto Model™ developed by Mariheca Otto through her PhD research.

The Motto Gender Perception measurement tool identifies self-perception as a woman in the workplace (as well as men’s perceptions of women in the workplace), and then narrows the data down to one strategic driver which drives the necessary shifts.

The tool consists of two surveys, one to be administered to women to measure their perception of themselves, and the other to be administered to men to measure their perceptions of women in the workplace

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